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Sacconi Pimentas

We were born to cultivate simplicity, ethics and transparency and we learned to grow pepper.

Through continuous process improvement, our mission is to promote customer satisfaction, prioritize good relationships, maintain integrity and mutual respect, and thus preserve the values ​​of our large Sacconi family. We bring flavor and quality to the table of millions of Brazilians and are present in over 28 countries, we are the second largest pepper exporter in the kingdom and we are always looking for innovation. We use our vocation to reach our goals and to conquer the market in a balanced and sustainable way.

Guided by our values, we focus all human and technological resources to serve better and better. Sacconi is run by three cousins, Evandro Sacconi responsible for the finance department, Leandro Sacconi for the production line and Pedro Sacconi commercial department. The partners have a structured internal team that values ​​the quality and excellence of the services provided.



Many locals are raised on the farm and have the knowledge of planting, harvesting, treating and transporting the pepper and so quickly become qualified to work. With the guaranteed professionalism and good teamwork, there is nothing better than a happy hour in the countryside to renew your energy and create a pleasant day-to-day mood.
 The Sacconi company has 20,000 m² and the family has 100 hours of planting area and sustainable growth is aligned with our values. All pepper residues are reused at the plantation, the dryers are supplied with macadamia husks and all the water used in the white pepper process is reused for irrigation.


The main tool in the process of working with the pepper is the dryers, which operate 24 hours and require constant supervision, maintenance and attention.​


 Sacconi has two types of warehouses, one for the storage of pepper ready for delivery and another for the storage of pepper for preparation. All warehouses meet the standards of cleaning and storage.


The company has its own fleet with weekly freight to Sao Paulo with delivery directly to the customer or carriers of your choice. Trucks are periodically inspected to avoid delivery delays and to ensure driver life.
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