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In order to produce black pepper, the peppercorns are harvested when they are fully developed, having at this time a pale light green or yellowish color. They are then threshed mechanically or manually, and finally taken to dry by the sun. There are producers who are not used to thresh the pepper. They prefer to put the peppercorn directly to dry by the sun, and during the drying process the ground pepper with detach from the peppercorn gradually. Then they use a small squeegee to separate the ground pepper from the peppercorn branches that fall. In this moment, the pepper is separated and classified depending on its weight and size as Asta, B1 and B2. Sacconi is constantly investing in new technologies, threshing bunches mechanically and can just as effectively dry the pepper using driers, which speeds up production.
Black pepper grain, dried and ground, are widely used in the cuisine of many countries, as raw material to produce spices. It has a strong and spicy flavor.


Cassification ASTA ,B1, B2

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